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Mufis Café & restaurant

Mufis Café & restaurant


Mufis Café!

Coffee and conversation go together like milk and cookies. A coffee break allows you to step back from your work to reflect on your progress, unwind & reboot your energy. It provides a venue for friends, colleagues and business partners to discuss important topics, relax and laugh. It is a place where conversations begin, relationships are solidified and business deals are closed.

This is how I would describe my dream, a dream that has finally turned into reality: Mufi Café!

I welcome you stop by the coffee shop located in RAK FTZ Business Park (near the Hilton Hotel) Business Center 4 building, ground floor, wing A. Do to try our invigorating coffee selections, aromatic teas and delicious menu: It is guaranteed to excite everyone’s taste buds!

Groups, clubs & associations are welcomed to have their events/ get-togethers hosted in the coffee shop.

Please feel free to approach me with any comments, suggestions or menu request…