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SIMC Express is a dedicated delivery management software for courier companies that receive goods from multiple dealers to deliver to their customers for a certain amount according to the pricing system within the program.
Program Sections :

  1. Dashboard Dashboard
  2. Shipments
  3. RunSheet
  4. CashCollection
  5. Customer Accounting
  6. Customer Invoices
  7. PriceList
  8. Communication
  9. Customers
  10. HR
  11. Reports
  12. Settings
  13. Security and Users


Program Features:
1- Arabic Application Interface
2 – You can switch between two languages ​​without leaving the program
3 – The program works online to run the work from anywhere and follow it
4 – The program can be installed on the company’s internal server to access it via the Internet
5 – the possibility of multiple users at the same time on the same data.
6 – Extract all reports of customer accounts and bills of lading
7 – One year warranty from the date of installation to ensure programming defects.
8 – Training all employees in various disciplines to use the program.
9. Backups of the database are taken each period.
10. An amendment to shipments shall be prevented if the amount received by the merchant is received
11 – The program is equipped with an SMS gateway (Msgat Mobile) to send Msgat on their mobile
12. All information contained in the program can be added and modified through a screen with certain privileges.
13 – the possibility of the distribution of powers and functions according to the function or functions of the employee
14 – Arab Application Interface